The length of the fretboard always comes next to string tension as it is very deeply connected with the concept. Fret board has a fingerboard, bridge and head plate, attached with the head portion. Why is it important? It is important because the length of the fret board decides how the tune will be. Stunned? It is certainly a reason. Because, though the difference is on some milliseconds, you can distinguish a slight difference on tuning if you are doing research on a music. Fret length and finger length are connected to each other. The longer the fret length, it will be more hard for the fingers to run swiftly. You can easily learn more about soprano vs concert ukulele by checking out the site.

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Generally rosewood, Maplewood basswood are being used to manufacture this fretboard. Though the weight of the fretboard can’t be a problem for the users. However, the sound reflection concept comes again. Maybe it has a small width like 3″ or 4″, still it has a great contribution when sound is formed. Fretboard may be longer or shorter depending on the size of the ukulele. So, it’s up to the user whether he is interested in buying a soprano or Concert Ukulele.

When it comes to singing, a singer knows the bit or the tuning importance as every word comes through his mouth. In that case, because of the short length and high pitch, the soprano can help you. But if you are doing a concert where sound of high pitch is required and there will be no problem because of slightest Differences in tuning, then go for the Concert. It will be a great help.

Lots of factors are depending to each other and some are complements. So, when you want to turn a coin, you must judge the two sides equally.