Sometimes, comments can play a way more important role in understanding your audience than the follower does. After all, you can read what your listeners want to express through their message on the comment box.

Secondly, if you ask why comments are very important as per the musician’s view, then the very obvious answer is that they help you to identify the type of music you create. Of course, nobody knows what type of songs you create better than you.

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But it is your perspective and vision of looking towards your music. You can know actually know why your listeners want to listen to your published songs. By this, any singer can enhance and tune in special features to deliver the purpose to their listeners.

The comment feature in SoundCloud

Earlier, when SoundCloud got launched in 2007, the comments were one of the best features of this platform. It helped the artist to connect with their listeners without approaching any other platform for communication.

According to many SoundCloud users, it contributes towards overall engagement with all the fellow music lowers. Although, when the comment section started getting toxic because of inappropriate messages, the platform decided to remove this feature for every mobile user.

But after demand and user appeal, SoundCloud got their comment feature back for mobile phone users also.

Buying SoundCloud comment

How often you get that big smile while you read others’ comments on your SoundCloud profile? If you are one of those who feels awkward and disappointed while reading comments, then buy soundcloud comments to get what you deserve.

To make it convenient for the users, we have made certain changes in the purchase system of comments. Now, you can select between multiple plans according to your choice and preference.

Some other options any SoundCloud music uploader who wants to earn money can get is the number of comments. Yes, select the number of comments you want to buy for your official music account and link the music album in which the comment should get displayed.

In the future update, we are planning to give an extra option of quality to our users. You must be questioning this feature.

In very simple words, the latest version of our platform will deliver the option of ‘Quality comment.’ Values ranging from good, best, excellent, and so on will be displayed. You have to simply choose from this value. Select the top options to get the best quality of comments possible.